Physicist (Dipl. Phys.) and System Engineer (M. Sys. Eng.)

Curriculum Vitae

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Work Experience

Since 2015-08 ESO Extremly Large Telescope (ELT) System Engineering...Instrumentation Specialist within the ELT Systems Engineering Core Team. Coordinating the Instrumentation support and responsible for instrument/telescope interfaces. Owner of related engineering budgets and Technical Risk Manager within the ELT SE Core Team.

2017-01 / 2019-05 Product and Quality Assurance...Member of the Product and Quality Assurance (PQA) Project Team.

2013-09 / 2015-07 Member of the ELT Embedded Systems Engineering Team...To support the existing Core ELT Systems Engineering team, a new Embedded Systems Engineering Team was formed from staff across engineering departments and disciplines. The aim was to provide the E-ELT Programme with a full range of experienced senior engineering staff who can support, advise and implement systems engineering processes and procedures in support of the E-ELT programme.

2014-11 / 2015-11 Very Large Telescope Interferometer (VLTI) 2nd Generation Fringe Tracker...Project Manager and Systems Engineer for the 2nd Generation Fringe Tracker (2GFT).

2012-03 / 2015-12 Systems Engineer at the Very Large Telescope Interferometer (VLTI)... activity emphasis on the coordination of the different VLTI projects and participation to the 2GFT project.

2008-11 / 2012-03 Physicist/Engineer for interferometry at the VLTI...activity emphasis on the projects Phase Referenced Imaging and Micro Arcsecond Astrometry (PRIMA) and Mirror vibrAtion Measurement systeM for the Unit Telescope (MAMMUT).

2008-07 / 2008-10 Postdoctoral the Experimental Quantum Physics group of Prof. Dr. Harald Weinfurter at the Laser Spectroscopy Division of Prof. Dr. Theodor W. Hänsch at the the Max-Planck-Institute of Quantum Optics (MPQ) in Garching.



2013-03 / 2015-05 Master studies of Systems Engineering...M. Systems Eng., conferred by the Munich University for Applied Sciences.


2004-03 / 2008-07 PhD in Physics...Postgraduate studies of quantum physics at the Max-Planck-Institute of Quantum Optics (MPQ) in Garching: Dr. rer. nat., conferred by the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich.


2000-05 / 2004-01 Study of LMU in Munich and at MPQ: Diploma in physics, awarded by LMU.

2001-10 / 2004-01 Special Studies in Laser Physics and Quantum Optics..., as part of the Diploma in Physics performed a set of courses and research work related to Laser Physics and Quantum Optics (with a total of 76 European Credit Transfer System ECTS points) certified by LMU.

2001-10 / 2002-09 Vegetative- and Neurophysiology (Med.)...Within my graduate studies I had to choose a non-physics related subsidiary subject and I decided for medicine, in particular physiology.


1998-10 / 2000-05 Study of LMU in Munich: Intermediate diploma ("Vordiplom") in
physics, awarded by LMU.

Relevant Professional Education and Training

Systems Engineering

2018-11, 5 Days "Architectural Design"...Professional development course by Project Performance International, held by Mr. Robert Halligan in London, UK.

2017-03 / 2017-08 "Architecture and Systems Engineering: Models and Methods to Manage Complex Systems"...Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Professional Certificate Program (Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)).
  • 2017-03 / 2017-04: Architecture of Complex Systems
  • 2017-05: Models in Engineering
  • 2017-06 / 2017-07: Model Based Systems Engineering: Documentation and Analysis
  • 2017-07 / 2017-08: Quantitative Methods in Systems Engineering

2017 European Space Agency (ESA) online training on European Cooperation for Space Standardization (ECSS) Standards...(3 Sessions each 3 days, March, June and October).

2016-06, 5 Days "Systems Engineering Management"...Professional development course by Project Performance International, held by Mr. Michael Gainford in Munich, DE.

2015-09, 5 Days "Requirements Analysis and Specification Writing"...Professional development course by Project Performance International, held by Mr. Alwyn Smit in Amsterdam, NL.

2015-03, 2 Days "Systems Engineering for Applications in Astronomy"...Systems Engineering Training held by Hermine Schnetler.

2012-09 / 2012-10 "Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) using MagicDraw, Hands-on Training"...Training on MBSE with SysML using the software MagicDraw of No Magic, Inc., held by Robert Karban.

2012-09, 1 Day "Model Center, Hands-on Training"...Introduction to the software PHX Model-Center of Phoenix Integration, Inc.

2012-07, 3 Days "Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)"...Introduction to MBSE including training on "Object Oriented System Engineering Method (OOSEM)" and "System Modeling Language (SysML)" by SAF Consulting, held by Mr. Sanford A. Friedenthal.

Project Management

2017-10 / 2017-12 "Project Management of Engineering Projects: Preparing for Success!" part of the Delft Technical University "Management of Engineering Projects; Dealing with Complexity"Professional Certificate Program (MOOC).

2017-09, 1 Day "Integrating Program Management and Systems Engineering — Methods, Tools, and Organizational Systems for Improving Performance"...Virtual Conference by Randy Iliff and Stephen Townsend, Project Management Institute (PMI), International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) and MIT Consortium for Engineering Program Excellence (CEPE).

2016-07, 3 Days "Project Management Fundamentals"...Professional training by Tiba Managementberatung GmbH, held by Christof Rink.

Soft Skills and Leadership

2018-03, 1 Day "Inclusive Leadership Training: Leading With Effective Communication"...MOOC by Catalystx

2018-02, 2 Days "Leadership for Engineers"...MOOC by Professors Hans de Bruijn et al., Delft Technical University.

2015-03, 1 Day "Presentation Skills Training"...Professional presentation training by Ms. Michaela Emundts, mindandvision.

2012-07, 2 Days "Managing Conflicts"...Professional conflict-management training by Coverdale Managementberatungs u. -trainings GmbH (held by Rudolf Haller).

2011-11, 2 Days "General Writing skills"...professional language training in Englisch by Emphasis Training Ltd. (held by Jane Edmonds).

Other Education and Training not Necessarily Relevant for my Job  ;)

2020-09 / 2021-01 Physics of COVID-19 Transmission...Martin Bazant, Joey Gu, and Alex Cohen. RES.10-S95 Physics of COVID-19 Transmission. Fall 2020. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare, License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.